How to confirm your Apollo P40 software version and the corresponding upgrade version ?🔥🔥


Apollo P40 Software Upgrade Instructions:

Before proceeding with the software upgrade, please make sure that your projector software is the corresponding factory version: 

Settings>About>Software version>"U0320-XXX" to check the software version

Note: The software is not universal, so be careful not to install the wrong software, it will lead to problems with the device


1. Factory version: V2.14 and less than V2.14

Can be upgraded to V2.17 (official website has been released)

① HDMI signal source supports HDR format compatibility issues

② Add the Signal source memory function

③ Improvements to lag, frame drops

④ Improvements to manual focusing accuracy

Official website article:



2. Factory version: V2.15

Can be upgraded to V2.18 (not released on the official website)

① HDMI signal source supports HDR format compatibility issues

② Flashback, splash screen, mouse latency

If you need to upgrade, please process to the V2.18 installation package download link:


--upgrade method reference V2.17 steps


3. P40 with new UI Screen- Factory Version: V3.09

Default has memory function after signal source setting - upgrade to V3.18 (official website has been released)

① Solve UI interface problem ( WLAN keyboard "u" and "i" capitalization)

② Optimize keystone correction function

③ Add projector HDMI ARC/HDMI CEC ( for HDMI connect the soundbar, use the projector remote to control the soundbar on/off, and volume adjustments)

④ Manual focus improves adjustment accuracy

Official website article:


Note: Because the UI Screen is different, it is not recommended that other software versions (V2.14 or V2.15) be updated to V3.18;


If you have any questions or ideas, please contact Ultimea customer support at for further assistance. We will service you ASAP!

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