Apollo P40 projector version V3.09 cannot be powered on immediately after switching off?🔥



New UI Screen of P40: (Factory software version is V3.09): please confirm if your projector your projector software version is: V3.09 (Settings>About>Software version>"U0320-XXX" to check the software version)

Problem: The projector can not be switched on immediately after switching off, but the red light is on normally (standby mode) 

Reason: The machine has an automatic protection mechanism, which allows some time for the fan to dissipate heat after switching off the machine. Standby status for more than 5-10 minutes and then turn on the machine.


Method 1. Upgrade Software to solve this problem:

Step 1: Power off for more than 3s
Step 2: Unplug the power cable and restart the device
Step 3: Confirm if the software version is V3.09, and then our seller can provide a V3.11 software upgrade Or please tell us the projector's OTA Screenshots and we will automatically push software upgrades (V3.10) to your device(Settings>About>Online update to check the OTA number)

Note: You'll get a pop-up notification on the screen when an OTA pushes a software upgrade

V3.10 Improvement Points:
1. Switching on/off projector problem solved
2. Add HDMI ARC/HDMI CEC function
3. Optimize focus accuracy
4. Optimize the auto keystone correction function
5. No U and I capital letters in the keyboard problem solved

If you do not want to upgrade the software, then provide the following method:

Method 2. Standby status for more than 5-10 minutes and then turn on the machine.

Method 3. After powering off for more than 3s, re-plug the power cord and then switch on the machine.

If you have any questions during the process, please contact us at support@ultimea.com

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     V3.16 - There's still the same problem. The projector can't be switched on immediately after switching off. The red light is on standby mode. 

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    The version V3.16 of the software only solves the problem that "u" and "i" cannot be capitalized. For the problem you mentioned, we will provide you with other new software versions. We have sent you the relevant information via your email address, please reply to support@ultimea.com.


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