What if the Apollo P40 remote control of my projector is not working or there is any interference?🔥🔥

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The remote control of the projector does not work and is not sensitive.

First, make sure the remote control light is on. Then replace the batteries.

Two P40 projector's remote controls have operation interference

The remote control needs to be bound to the projector (one-to-one binding), and this method is applicable to the signal interference problem of the remote control that comes with the original product:

In the projector off state (the power button shows red light), use the remote control to point at the projector device, long press the ”menu“ button on the remote control for more than 10s until the projector is switched on and there is a screen (the power button shows blue light), indicating that the binding is successful.

A. remote control binding A Projector 

B. remote control binding to B Projector 

Note: Please switch off both projectors first. Then you need to do the above steps to blind separately. (Don't do them at the same time)

New UI interface operation video:

Old UI interface operation video:

 The new replacement remote control does not work for the projector.

The remote control needs to unbind the original remote control and pair it with the new remote control, this method applies to the new replacement remote control does not work:

When the projector is switched off (the power button shows red light), use the remote control to point at the projector device, long press the “home” button on the remote control for more than 10s until the projector is switched on and there is a screen (the power button shows blue light), which means that the pairing is successful.

New UI interface operation video:

Old UI interface operation video:


1. If the remote control light still does not light up or is not sensitive after replacing the batteries, or the remote control light is on but still does not work after pairing, then you need to replace the remote control.

2. If the pairing or blinding is incorrect, please switch off the machine and try again.


If you are still having issues with your remote, please contact Ultimea customer support at support@ultimea.com. Please mention that you tried these steps to help us find a solution for you faster.

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