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1.1 Machine does not turn on

1. Make sure the socket can work, if it doesn't, try a different socket.

2. If not resolved, please replace the power cord.

3. If the problem is not solved, the machine port or the motherboard may have a problem and the machine needs to be replaced.

 (Note: When the projector is normally connected, the key indicator light is always red, and the indicator light is always blue when the machine is switched on)

1.2 Projection always restarts automatically

1. confirm if the power key on the remote control is stuck; (you can remove the battery to see if the projector will still exist this problem)

2. Confirm that the power button on the projector is not stuck; (you can press and hold the power button normally to see if it is stuck, it will spring back when pressed normally)

3. enter the settings page and select Restore factory settings.

4. the above 3 situations are ruled out, there should be a problem with the hardware.

1.3 Automatic shutdown

1. The projector has an overheating protection function, first of all, make sure that the projector air inlet and outlet are not blocked by anything (confirm that the three sides of the projection (left side, right side, and back side) are more than 10cm away from each other without blocking), if the above happens, the projection will slowly turn black from the middle part until the projection goes out)

2. Please make sure that the fan is running normally (normally put your hand on the air outlet, if there is no obvious wind blowing out, the frontal fan is not working because the air outlet is behind the projection, in this case, you need to replace the machine.

3. If those steps still do not work, there may be a problem with the machine's temperature control chip and the machine needs to be replaced.

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