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1. Please replace other audio sources to check whether there is sound, if so, it may be that the source audio format does not support it.

2. If it doesn't work, please change to another connection to check if there is sound, if so, there may be a problem with the connection cable, so please replace it with another connection cable. If there is still no sound after replacing the connection cable, it may be a projector interface problem and needs to be replaced.

3. When connecting the computer to the projector via HDMI cable, the computer may disable the display audio, resulting in no sound output from the projector, you can re-open Settings --- Management --- Output Devices --- Display Audio

4.U0320 chip supports audio and video format, please check the attachment document.

5. Due to HDCP protocol, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Dolby, and similar services can not be played by the projector wirelessly. Please use a Fire TV stick, Roku stick, or Chromecast TM( not included) and connect it to the projector to use their streaming services.




1. Please try switching the playback source to play audio/video in MP3/MP4 format, and check if there is sound.

2. Disconnect the projector from the device and check if the device is muted.

3. If you try these steps and still no sound, please reset the projector by long pressing the OK button or unplug the power cable directly and power it on again after 1-2 hours, then check if it's normal.

If the problem still persists, please contact Ultimea customer support at for further assistance. We will service you ASAP!


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