Sound Freeze or Lag Problem🔥

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1) What is the source? the soundbars do not support Dolby, 4k, or DTS, turn off Dolby, and DTS and set the TV to PCM output;
2) It may be a copyright issue that prevents it from being played;
3) Please play the local video to see if it will still be intermittent
4) The recommended connection method is HDMI ARC>Optical>Bluetooth>AUX
5) It may also be a problem with the interface, replace it with another connection method to see if it will still be intermittent
6) It may also be a cable problem, suggest the buyer to replace the cable.
7) Please use a mobile phone/computer with an AUX interface to play the corresponding source or audio source, to see if the TV AUX interface output signal is unstable.

If this issue persists, please contact Ultimea customer support at for further assistance. Please make sure to mention that you have tried the steps in the FAQ so that our agents do not ask you to repeat these steps.

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