Is it supports to Control the Soundbar with TV Remote?🔥🔥🔥


Yes, it is supported, but need to confirm your TV has the CEC function first


Please connect the Soundbar and TV with an HDMI cable and force to open the (ARC)PCM &TV CEC function.

Users are able to control multiple smart devices using a single remote control via CEC enabled, thus eliminating the need to use multiple remotes to control devices

For example:

1. Volume control: Through the TV remote control, you can simply control the Soundbar, such as adjusting the volume of the Soundbar, mute, and other functions (can be separated from the Soundbar remote control to control the soundbar volume, mute, etc.)

2. Power on/standby control: When using the TV remote control to control the TV on/off, you can simultaneously control the TV and Soundbar to switch on/off simultaneously, eliminating complicated operations

Note: The CEC function is not supported on the TV Stick

Please check the attached document for the setup method for different TVs

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    I did this. I can’t get this thing to work right!

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    Sorry for any inconvenience caused
    May I ask if your Soundbar model is Nova S40?
    Could you please tell us your TV model?
    Please confirm if your TV has CEC function, and then use HDMI cable to connect to the TV (ARC port)
    Then please turn on the audio output of the TV as PCM and turn on the CEC function
    This way, you can use the TV remote control to achieve power on/off and volume control

    If the problem persists, please contact
    Then we will have the technical personnel confirm the cause of the problem and provide you with a good solution
    Looking forward to your reply!
    Ultimea Customer Service


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