Nova S70 Factory Software-V103


V103 is the factory version of Nova S70 software. If you are not satisfied with the corresponding sound quality or other improvements after the upgrade, you can install the factory software version.

Specific Method:
1. Copy the "" file to the USB flash drive.

① Use an empty USB flash drive, USB format: FAT32, 128GB or less capacity;
② The file doesn't need to unzip;

2. After the Soundbar is turned on, insert the USB flash drive into the USB port, WAITING will be displayed, and then it will automatically upgrade and the progress will be displayed from 0-100. Automatically standby after the upgrade is completed.
3. Press and hold the button on the right side of "Dolby ATMOS" for 5 seconds. If the display shows "V103", it means the upgrade is successful.

If you have any questions after downloading, please feel free to contact us, and if you have any suggestions or ideas



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  • Comment author
    Pau Soriano

    Hi, I tried to put it on my soundbar with the right format and everything. When I put the custom software in, it let me. And now, when I try it, it doesn't do anything. What do I have to do to make it work?

  • Comment author
    • Edited

    Hi Pau Soriano,
    Sorry for the delayed response.
    V103 is the factory software.If you have not upgraded to V139 before, there is no need to install V103.
    Regarding software upgrade failure, our technical staff provides you with the following suggestions:
    NTFS USB disk is not supported:
    Description: The host does not support the use of NTFS formatted USB flash drives for upgrades.
    Recommendation: Please use FAT32 or exFAT and other U disk formats supported by this device to upgrade.

    The file must be placed in the root directory of the USB flash drive:
    Description: When upgrading, please place the file in the root directory of the USB flash drive, not in any subfolder
    Suggestion: Make sure the file is placed directly in the top-level directory of the USB flash drive and is not nested in other folders

    The name of the upgrade package must be "":
    Description: To ensure that the device can correctly identify the upgrade file, the name of the upgrade package must be strictly ""
    Recommendation: Do not change the name of the upgrade file, make sure it is "", otherwise the device may not recognize it and cause the upgrade to fail.

    Too many files on the USB flash drive may also cause the upgrade to fail:
    Description: If there are too many files stored in the USB flash drive, it may interfere with the device upgrade process, causing the upgrade to fail.
    Suggestion: Before upgrading, clean up unnecessary files in the USB flash drive and ensure that the USB flash drive only contains the upgrade file.


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