Intermittent sound, delayed lag problem

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1) Try to play local video to confirm whether it will be intermittent back

2) Confirm the connection method is which, the recommended connection method is HDMI ARC>Optical>Bluetooth>AUX

It may also be an interface problem, replace the other connection to see if it is still intermittent

(3) Maybe the a problem with the cable, it is recommended to replace the HDMI standard cable above

(4) Maybe other BT or 2.4GHz devices caused by interference (recommended that the connection distance in a room and no barrier wall)

(5) Do not place it near the router



① If there is still a problem, please try re-plugging the soundbar power cord or reset the soundbar to repair it.

 ② If there is no sound or abnormal sound after connecting and pairing the subwoofer correctly, you can try to unplug the subwoofer and restart it.

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