Nova S50 Unable to power on?

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After you have connected the power cord, please press the Power button and wait until "----" appears on the screen of the soundbar before switching the mode.

1. If the LED on the screen does not light up, please confirm if the power adapter is properly connected.
2. If only "-" or "----" is displayed on the LED screen and won't power on, it may be that static electricity caused by rising temperature causes the product to get stuck when starting up.

① Please try to switch the mode several times.
② Unplug the soundbar power cord and HDMI cable, wait 10-30 minutes, then plug it in again.


Note: If the device crashes and cannot be turned on when installing new software, please contact our customer service department and we will provide you with a recovery file to solve the problem.


If this issue persists, please contact Ultimea customer support at for further assistance. Please make sure to mention that you have tried the steps in the FAQ so that our agents do not ask you to repeat these steps.


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