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1. Installation Distance

Installation distance: It refers to the distance between the installation position of the projector and the projection screen before the projector is installed (this distance basically determines how large the projection screen you can get). The following data is for reference only: an 80'' screen is available for more than 2.6 meters, and a 100'' screen is available for more than 3.3 meters. For details, please refer to the manual (Aspect Ratio is 16:9).


2. Projection Distance

Projection distance: The distance between the projection lens and the projection screen. The projection distance is closely related to the projection size. The larger the projection distance, the larger the projection image; the smaller the projection distance, the smaller the screen size.


Since the lens specifications of different projectors are different, there is no uniform reference standard for the projection distance. You can check the projection distance of the projector through the manual. The ideal distance is 2.65m with an 80'' screen.


3. Projection Distance Comparison

In addition to the projection distance comparison table provided in the manual, we can calculate the projection distance ourselves by the "Throw Ratio" in the specification parameters. For example, the Throw Ratio of a projector is 1.49: 1. In this case, the 100'' shortest projection distance = Throw Ratio × screen width = 1.49 × 2.214  = 3.3m


Installation Steps:

  1. There is a ¼ screw hole on the projector's bottom
  2. Fix the installation base into the ¼ screw holes
  3. Fix the bracket to the installation base and fasten the screws
  4. Finished. Project the image onto the wall or projector screen. Adjust the image by rotating the button next to the lens to make the projected image cover the whole screen as far as possible.


You could click on this link to have a reference( Notice: For reference only! Any issues please feel free to get back to us. Thanks for your understanding!)


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