No Sound of Apollo S40?🔥🔥🔥🔥


Please try these steps to solve the issue:

  1. Please increase the volume of the soundbar. Press “VOLUME UP” on the remote control or on the top of your sound bar.
  2. Press “MUTE” on the remote to ensure the sound bar is not muted.
  3. Press “INPUT” on the remote or on the top of your sound bar to select a different input source.
  4. If there is no sound when using the Digital Optical or HDMI (ARC) input mode, please check if the below setting is correct: 

(A) Try to set the TV audio output format to  PCM;


(B) Connect directly to your Blu-ray/another source, some TVs do not pass through digital audio.

On digital inputs, the LED display will flash “----” rapidly if an unsupported format is present, please set the source to output PCM.

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    I have tried HDMI and AUX. TV is set to PCM, and Audio Out. Still no sound. It is an Apollo S40.

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    Answer #13493

    Hello Richard,

    Please check if the TV and sound bar are connected to the port that marks " ARC" or"eARC "("HDMI IN” is not supported).

    Please note when using AUX connection the connecting port of the TV is AUDIO OUT, not AUDIO IN.

    Can the soundbar be emitted when Bluetooth is connected to the Soundbar?

    If it is confirmed to be a quality problem of the device, we will provide you with a return and replacement service. In the meantime, please contact, and we will service you ASAP!

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    Íñigo Arrastua Santos

    Hola!! Compré un Apollo S40. Están conectados los RCA. He probado la conexión con el cable óptico y HDMI. Incluso he configurado la TV en PCM. También he seguido todas las instrucciones que habéis mandado a otros usuarios. Sigue sin salir el sonido de la barra

  • Comment author

    Hello Íñigo,

    ¿Podrías conectar tu teléfono mediante Bluetooth para comprobar si la barra de sonido produce sonido correctamente? Si se confirma que es un problema de calidad del dispositivo, le brindaremos un servicio de devolución y reemplazo. Comuníquese con y le atenderemos lo antes posible.


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