Poseidon D50 Customized Software-V43

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Note: The factory software V37 or above versions can be upgraded to V43, the version lower than V37 does not support to upgrade

It includes the following improvement points:

1. Improve the EQ3 Bass and optimize sound quality
2. Remove the BT prompt sound


Specific Method:

Step 1:
Download and copy the fw5000.upd and fw5000.fot files to the U disk (U disk format Fat32/exFat).
Step 2:
Please pair the subwoofer and speaker before upgrading.
Step 3:
Insert the USB disk into the soundbar and start the upgrade:
First, upgrade the subwoofer: the LED display during the upgrade process is from 1 to 100, and the subwoofer upgrade is completed.
Then process to upgrade the main soundbar, and it will display "up---", it will automatically shut down after the upgrade is completed. (if there is a TV EARC connected, the soundbar will automatically restart)

Step 4:
Press and hold the right side of "surround +" for 5 seconds. If the display shows "V43" or the Voice broadcast software version, it means the upgrade is successful.


Note: If the device crashes and cannot be turned on when installing new software(V43), please contact our customer service department support@ultimea.com and we will provide you with a recovery file to solve the problem.

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