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1.1 HDMI connection: display no signal/splash screen

  1. Check whether the HDMI cable is connected to the computer side and the projection side.
  2. Check whether the input source of the projector is switched to the "HDMI" channel.
  3. If the above settings are correct, it is recommended to try a new HDMI cable.

1.2 AV connection: display no signal/splash screen

  1. Check whether the AV cable is connected to the computer side and the projection side.
  2. Check whether the input source of the projector is switched to the "AV" channel.
  3. If the above settings are correct, it is recommended to try a new AV cable.

1.3 USB Not Recognized

  1. Check that the USB flash drive is fully inserted into the USB port.
  2. Try it on both USB1-USB2 ports.
  3. Check the format of the USB flash drive, supported: Fat, Fat32, and NTFS formats.
  4. Check the capacity of the USB flash drive and the maximum support of the projector: U disk: Fat32-128g; hard disk: NTFS-2T.
  5. Confirm that the files inside the USB flash drive are ordinary format pictures or MP3 songs.
  6. Recognition of the USB flash drive but can not find the corresponding file: may be in the wrong. The main interface is divided into video/music/Pictures three modes, need to enter the interface corresponding to the file to find it. If you want to display all the files in the USB flash drive, enter the U disk/hard disk interface and select "ALL" on the left.

1.4 Headphone Jack: No Sound

  1. 1. Make sure that the AUX cable at the projection and sound bar ends is connected in place.
  2. Make sure that the output channel on the soundbar is in AUX mode.
  3. Make sure that the audio projected is in a format supported by the projector chip (it is recommended to try changing to a different audio format).


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