There is Buzzing or Humming Noise🔥🔥


Please try the following steps to check:

1. If using Bluetooth, ensure that the volume on your source device is turned up and that the device is not muted.

2. If using a wired connection, please check that all cabling is connected/inserted correctly.

Make sure the audio format setting on your TV is set to PCM and the correct audio input mode has been selected.

4. If there is still noise coming out, please try to connect a different source device(TV, Blu-ray player, etc)to see if the buzzing still exists.

If it does not, the problem may be with the original device; If it still exists, try to connect your device to a different input on the soundbar.

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    Arash Salehi

    I purchased the Appolo S50 sound bar a week ago. I have to use HDMI connection which is more convenient for kids using it over Bluetooth one.
    It was fine during the last week but recently develops a buzzing noise after a minute. It will repeat again if I toggle to TV speakers and switch back to HDMI (will have buzzing noise after around minute).

    Please advise how to fix it.


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