How Does Apollo P10 Wired Screen Mirroring?

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1. Open to enter the interface.
2. Follow the UI prompts to connect different devices. 

Wired Screen Mirroring for Android device:

1. Select "Wireless screen"

2. Use your Android device to scan the QR code below, install the App and open it.

3. Connect your Android devices to the projector via an USB cable to activate Screen Mirroring.


Wired Screen Mirroring for iOS device:
1. Select "Wireless screen"

2. Connect your iOS device to the projector via the original iPhorhe charging cable(one end is USB, the other end is a Lightning port)

3. Click “Trust” when the iPhoneshows a pop-up window
4. Connect【ULTIMEA -XXXXX】

Wired Screen Mirroring for Windows device:
1. Select "Wireless screen"

2. Connect the projector to Windows device with an HDIMI.

3. Press the source button on remote control to enter thee menu,select {HDMI} to activate screen mirroing.

4. Connect【ULTIMEA -XXXXX】 on the Windows.

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