No sound or lag problem with Nova S80?

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1) Dolby Atmos > 40Mbps to be stable and not lagging;

2) Try to play local video to confirm whether it will be intermittent back;

3) Confirm the connection method is which, the recommended connection method is HDMI eARC>Optical>Bluetooth>AUX;

It may also be an interface problem, replace the other connection to see if it is still intermittent

(4) Maybe the problem with the cable, it is recommended to replace the better HDMI cable;

(5) may be other BT or 2.4GHz devices caused by interference (recommended that the connection distance in a room and no barrier wall)

Note: If there is no sound, please first check whether the connecting 6-pin cable between the two parts of the soundbar is connected correctly. as the picture shows.

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