How to Connect the Nova S70 Subwoofer ?🔥🔥🔥

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For subwoofer connection methods, please refer to:

Subwoofer abnormal working problem:

1. It is recommended to place the subwoofer on the ground for use.

2. Please do not use external objects to block the soundbar and subwoofer horn.

3. To increase the subwoofer effect: 

A: Turn up the volume 

B: Enhance the BASS effect: BS 2(Bass Level:-2; -1;  0; 1; 2)

C: Try it out with a heavy bass Song and turn the sound to the maximum. then put your hand close to the subwoofer to check for vibration.

If this issue persists, please contact Ultimea customer support at for further assistance. Please make sure to mention that you have tried the steps in the FAQ so that our agents do not ask you to repeat these steps.

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