Noise issues?


1. Please make sure the TV sound output is correct:

Settings-Sound-Digital Audio Output -Auto/Pass Through

2. It is recommended to use MUSIC mode; Control the volume within 27;

3. Change to another sound source;

4. Try and compare other connection methods: HDMI eARC>Optical>Bluetooth.

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    Cristihan Rios

    I've tried everything from changing settings, cables, and different modes (by, cable, etc) , and the sound still distorted. Factory resetting works for 5 secs and goes back to sounding distorted. Not happy with the product. What other suggestions are there?

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    Answer #10764

    If the above can not help you solve the problem, could you provide us with some pictures to show the problem? We will be handed over to the technical department as soon as possible to verify the specific reasons.

    If this issue persists, please contact Ultimea customer support at for further assistance. We will service you ASAP!


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