Poseidon D60 Customized Software-V142


Delete the Bluetooth tone based on the V139 version.


① If the sound quality of the factory version meets your requirements, we do not recommend upgrading the software version

Before upgrading this version, please make sure your factory software version is V81 or V83 or higher (Not suitable for V018/ V019 or T20/T019), if you are not sure, please contact support@ultimea.com

③ For the V81 factory version, you must ensure that the main soundbar and the subwoofer remain connected before upgrading. Otherwise, the subwoofer may not be able to pair with the main soundbar after the upgrade because the software versions of the subwoofer and the main soundbar are different.

Specific Method:

1. Copy the "update.zip" file to the USB flash drive.

Use an empty USB flash drive, USB format: FAT32, 128GB or less capacity;
The file doesn't need to be unzipped;

2. After the Soundbar is turned on, insert the USB flash drive into the USB port, WAITING will be displayed, and then it will automatically upgrade and the progress will be displayed. Automatically standby after the upgrade is completed. 
3. Press and hold the button on the right side of "surround" for 5 seconds. If the display shows "V142", it means the upgrade is successful.

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    What was changed to the previous versions?

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