How to fix Apollo P50 Disney+ apps that start slowly and crash?🔥🔥

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If you experience that the Apollo P50 projector is slow to start and crashes when using the Disney+ app, update the current software version of the device, which will effectively improve the issue.

Upgrade steps:
1. Please prepare a USB flash drive formatted as FAT 32

Note: the format of the USB must be FAT 32 and the capacity of the USB must be more than 4G
2. Download the source file to the root directory of the USB disk.

Inatalling pacakge link:

3. Insert the USB flash drive when the projector is turned on, and then select:

Setting->About Projector->Upgrade Software->USB Local Updates->Start
4. Wait a few minutes for the software update to complete.

For more details, please refer to the video tutorial below:

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