Nova S80 subwoofer cannot be paired successfully?🔥🔥

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Manual pair of the subwoofer:

→Long press the BASS button on the remote control for 10s: the soundbar displays SUB and continues to flash;

→Long press the "PAIR" button of the subwoofer until the indicator light of the subwoofer flashes quickly;

→Then the subwoofer is paired with the soundbar. After successful pairing, the subwoofer indicator light stays on;


If manual pairing still fails, it may be that the subwoofer and Soundbar software are inconsistent, please try upgrading/downgrading.

Please confirm whether the TX and RX information are consistent first:
Long-press the [OPT] button for 10s, and the LED display will start to scroll and the display order is: MCU-BT-HDMI-TX-RXEP-AMP-DSP-DOLBY

A: If the LED displays TX 38, it means an upgrade is needed. Please download the V139 for the upgrade.Nova S80 V139
B: If the LED displays TX 115, it means a downgrade is needed. Please download the V107 for a downgrade. Nova S80 V107

If you still have problems with pairing, please feel free to contact us for an after-sale service.


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