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Autofocus and Manual Focus Guide:

1. After starting up, the projector will automatically start the auto focus mode.
2. If necessary, after adjusting the size and distance of the projector, you could press the "F- " and "F+" buttons of the remote control to manually adjust the focus until a clear image is obtained.

Troubleshooting Guide for Ensuring Image Clarity

  1. Observe Image Clarity:

    • Carefully examine the projected image, focusing on text and detailed sections.
    • If text appears blurry, edges are unclear, or details are missing, it may indicate a focus issue.
  2. Compare Clarity in Different Areas:

    • Check the clarity of the image in both the central and edge areas.
    • Manual focus adjustment is needed to achieve the best clarity if the center is clear but the edges are blurry, or vice versa.
  3. Adjust Focus Button:

    • Slowly adjust the manual focus ring or button until the image becomes clear.
    • Make sure the middle of the focus is clear, a little blurred edge is a normal phenomenon, and you can take pictures to confirm with us if it affects you watching a video/picture.
  4. Check Lens Surface:

    • Ensure the lens surface is clean and free from dust or dirt. Use a specialized lens cleaning cloth to gently wipe the lens if it is dirty.
  5. Adjust Projection Distance:

    • Check whether the focus has been adjusted to the best position, Please move the projector forward or backward proportionally in case the adjustment is unable to obtain a satisfactory definition.
    • If the distance is too far or too close, it can result in a blurry image.
  6. Check Resolution Settings:

    • Confirm that the projector's resolution setting matches the input signal's resolution.
    • Mismatched resolutions can affect image clarity.
  7. Use Keystone Correction Feature:

    • If the image has keystone distortion (where the top and bottom widths of the image are not consistent), use the projector's keystone correction feature to adjust it.(Poseidon-E40-Keystone-Correction)
    • Adjust the angle to support up to 30Β°, with a recommended optimal angle of 20Β° for clearer images.
  8. Check Projection Surface:

    • Ensure that the wall or screen you are projecting onto is flat and smooth.

    • Uneven surfaces can distort the image and cause areas to appear out of focus.
      If the projection surface is not flat, consider using a projection screen or a smoother wall area.

If you have any questions or ideas, please contact Ultimea customer support at for further assistance. We will service you ASAP!

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