How to set up a Soundbar IR code on an Amazon FireTV?

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IR code: 000BBB (Generally available for Amazon Fire TV)

The process of manually entering the IR code for your soundbar on an Amazon Fire TV may vary depending on the specific model and software version of your Fire TV. However, here is a general guideline on how to manually input the IR code:

1. Open the Amazon Fire TV Menu:
Use your Fire TV remote to navigate to the "Settings" menu on your Amazon Fire TV.

2. Select "Equipment Control":
In the "Settings" menu, look for the "Equipment Control" or "Manage Equipment" option. This is where you can configure your remote to control other devices.

3. Choose "Manage Equipment":
Within the "Equipment Control" or "Manage Equipment" section, select "Manage Equipment" to add or configure a new device.

4. Add New Equipment:
Select "Add Equipment" or a similar option to add a new device (your soundbar) to the list of controlled equipment.

5. Choose the Device Type:
Select the type of device you want to add. In this case, choose "Audio."

6. Select the Brand:
You may be prompted to select the brand of your soundbar from a list. If your soundbar's brand is not listed or if you are trying to manually enter the IR code, choose "Search for Brand" or find the "Others ”or "Brand not listed" option or a similar option

7. Enter the IR Code:
You should see some options for some IR profiles of remote control, but please find the manually enter the IR number option. This is where you input the specific IR number for your soundbar.

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