Poseidon D60 Customized Software-T20(Remove the Bluetooth beep)



Before upgrading this version, please make sure your factory software version is V018 or V019, if you are not sure, please contact support@ultimea.com

Improvement Point: Cancel Bluetooth notification sound

Upgrade method:

1. Download the Binary file in the root directory of the USB flash drive;


①. Use an empty USB flash drive, USB format: FAT32, 128GB or less capacity;

②. The file name must be spupdate.bin;

2. Insert the U disk, automatically switch to the USB source, and long press the surround left button, as shown in the right picture button 1;

3. After the update is completed, it will automatically restart;

4. Press and hold the Surround stone key for 5 seconds, as shown in the figure below, button 2, version number T20, indicating that the upgrade is successful.

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    Is T20 the last version I can expect for factory version V018 or V019. If so, just say so, I'm fine with that. I would rather know so I can stop checking. Thank you


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