Tapio 1 Pro Customized Software-016SHB

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How can I upgrade my Tapio 1 Pro to improve sound problems from the AUX connection or remove the BT beep?

Upgrade method:

1. Put a random MP3 music in the USB, copy the upgrade file into the USB,

2. Insert the USB, automatically enter the upgrade, the upgrade is automatically shut down, and remove the U disk before turning on the device
(The U disk supports a maximum of 64G, and requires FAT32 format)



Please choose one of the installation packages to download based on the product question.
1. Software installation package 1:
Improve other sound issues such as sound lag and no sound from AUX connections
2. Software installation package 2:
If the volume of the beep is too loud, remove the beep version after the upgrade.


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