How to upgrade the Apollo P40 software to achieve the Auto Focus function?

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1. Software upgrade to achieve automatic focusing function (remote control with one button automatic focusing function) or manually adjust the focus through the remote control to achieve optimal image clarity

2. The Projector will be focusing automatically when finish powering on or moving the projector.

Upgrade the software to the "U0320-V1.9" version:

Step 1: Please prepare a USB flash drive, the format of the USB must be FAT 32 and the capacity of the USB must be more than 4G.

Step 2:Download upgrade-related files via the link.

Link: U0320-V1.9 version software package

Step 3: Copy the "MstarUpgrade9255BGA.bin" upgrade file to the root drive of the USB flash drive;

Step 4: Power on the projector and insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of the projector, it will pop up a prompt "The upgrade file is detected, and the system will restart the upgrade".



Step 5: The projector will be restarted and the upgrade process will be displayed as below:


Step 6: Please don't power off the projector during the upgrade process, the projector will automatically restart after the upgrade is completed. And then use the remote control to click on Settings>About>Software version>"U0320-V1.9" to check the software version as below.


Note: Please delete the upgrade file of the USB flash drive or unplug it to avoid repeated upgrades after the upgrade is successful.

Step 7: Please click the "Setting/Focusing" button on the remote control to achieve auto focus



Manual focus:

If necessary, after adjusting the size and distance of the projector, you could press the F - and F + buttons of the remote control to manually adjust the focus until a clear image is obtained.

1. After starting up, the projector will automatically start the “Auto Focus “mode

2. The projector will automatically focus on the screen within 3s

3. If you still need to adjust the focus, you can click "F+" and "F-" on the remote control to manually adjust the focus

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